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Working With Our Trusted Partners:

Apprentice Force recruits talent, provides training and coordinates virtual work assignments for your business!​

Employers receive hundreds of hours worth of completed, quality assignments which are managed and delivered online with minimal effort or cost.

Apprentices get the resume-building work experience they need to find meaningful employment in today's demanding job market.


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What does Apprentice Force do? 

Identify Your Goals   Your ideas to improve service, expand products or increase profits require many hours of work. We help identify and match your goals with customized, time-tested assignments to be completed online by our Apprentices. ​

Recruit Talent   We developed a unique performance-based system to recruit diverse candidates with a wide range of education, skill levels and backgrounds, to complete work online for dynamic, growth-orientated small business owners.​        

Provide Training  Based on the position, we offer Apprentices a comprehensive collection of the BEST learning materials from top experts, geared for different learning styles and specific careers, all online for 24/7 access.  

Write Customized Assignments   Our apprenticeships are more structured, career specific, skills-based, flexible and cost-effective because we have become experts at creating online assignments, by tracking results, we use best practices to customize the tasks for each business we work with.  

Track Work Progress  Every business owner knows results matter.  That's why we built an easy-to-use task management portal so you can approve assignments, read market surveys and grade work after reviewing, all from one page!

Guaranteed Results  Basically, get all the benefits but without the high cost in time, resources and money!  We guarantee you will have talent working for your business within 30 days. Or your money back.

What do Client's of Apprentice Force get...



Serious Applicants Selected 

Before assigning Apprentices to you, they answer specific market research questions about your company, then we select the best to continue. You get a complete critique of your web presence from every applicant just by signing up!

Customized Assignments

Work That You Need 

Whether you are a novice or an outsourcing guru, it doesn't matter. After we discuss your goals, our staff uses our time-tested, task templates to create customized work assignments to minimize errors and focus on results!



After you tell us your goals, we blast your opportunity across our network of diverse, high quality candidates that are ready to work on your assignments within 48 hours of posting your position!  We do the search, you get the work.

Nationwide Talent Search  

Project ManagementSoftware

One Portal Accesses All Work

Considering our Apprentices come to us from varying levels of expertise, we offer them all a comprehensive collection of the BEST materials online geared for different learning styles and specific careers.

No more switching from email, to Word, to your company network! Managers can track the entire workflow from many Apprentices from a single screen. Completed assignments are just a click away and stored for easy access!





Once your Business account is created, you are assigned a Client Specialist, who will assist and guide you through our entire process to insure overall work quality and project success.

Get Assigned Client Specialist

Learn form Experts Online

What Type of Work can Apprentices do?

Hire Apprentices for Social Media Management to send out tweets or manage your Facebook presence.

Need help gathering information on the internet? Many of our Apprentices are college students that excel at Market Research tasks.

Are you graphically challenged? Hire an Apprentice who is a Graphic Artist.

Our Apprentices have a wealth of technical knowledge that can be applied to Mobile App Development.

You would be surprised at how many assignments can be geared towards aiding an Animation project.

Struggling to create the perfect Video​ for your business? Apprentices can help with that too!

Writing a clear script that gets your marketing message across in as few words as possible is a daunting task. Apprentices learn our framework for creating the Perfect Marketing Message.

Apprentices can help coordinate Event Promotions and raise awareness.

Our Web Design Apprentices use industry best practices to increase conversions on your website.

Believe it or not, Apprentices can also help you with Sales. Learning how to sell is a valuable skill that many Apprentices can’t wait to put into practice.

We all know Blogging is very time consuming. We teach Apprentices how to write keyword optimized blog posts to increase your web presence.

Yes, Anything Is Possible with Apprentice Force on your side. We'll make Apprentice Force work for your unique business...

100% No Risk Double Guarantee

​You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you don’t receive high quality market research from Apprentice applicants within 14 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

When we asked our customers what they like about Apprentice Force...

"Last year, I had to register at employment sites, write job descriptions and pay for ads to get applicants for a few summer jobs.  The time it took to review all the resumes, call candidates, schedule interviews and then make offers only to find that some students took other offers was exhausting and very expensive.  

With Apprentice Force, after less than an hour to understand our goals, they created all the assignments, recruited the Apprentices and gave us the tools to manage all the work.  That saved me time and money" 

"The fact that Apprentice Force not only helped us create all the assignments but also provided training for the Apprentices, enabled me to focus on the quality of the work I received instead of spending all my time managing the process."

"I have heard about hiring off-site workers but was always afraid of either getting ripped off or wasting time by getting low quality work.  So with Kristina, my client manager at Apprentice Force, we identified the best ways to make the most of my virtual workers and gave me the tools to rate their work to insure quality."

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