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Completed a graphic artist apprenticeship for a local magazine in the Entertainment Industry.

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Why Apprentice Force?


We understand that today’s workforce needs to master the skills of an ever-changing job market and that for each position that you apply for, you are competing against 300 to 400 other candidates. How will you STAND OUT?

Apprentice Force offers virtual apprenticeships that could begin within 48 hours for pre-screened companies that use our system to give you the opportunity to start obtaining the work skills and experience you need NOW!​

Our approach at Apprentice Force is to focus on SKILLS training and real work EXPERIENCE, not just jobs. (although employment is often the result of a successfully completed Apprenticeship)​​

We work closely with employers so YOU can take the First Step! 

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Who could become an Apprentice?

If you are interested in developing new skills,​ controlling your workday, expanding your professional network and/or building your resume with quality experience with growing companies...then you could become an Apprentice.

Current Student or Recent College Grad  Where else can you get marketable work experience while never leaving your apartment?  Start today!

Currently Unemployed and Looking for Employment Opportunities  Rather than waiting to "find" a job.  Start working within 48 hours for actual employers that are always looking for talented, hard-working people.  Start today!

Mom returning to Workforce After years of being out of the workforce, this could be the ideal confidence builder and resume gap filler you need.  Start today!

Experienced Professional Interested in a Career Change  Don't wait for your employer to decide your future.  Start gaining new, resume quality skills today and make the career change on your terms! Start today!

How does our Apprenticeship work?

Our apprenticeship model has been successful for years.  Each Step of the process is designed to benefit both Apprentice and Employers.  We guarantee you results...if you just take the First Step.

Sign Up to become an Apprentice
Click the Start button above to tell us who you are and the positions you find interesting.  We will send you notices, if you want, on all our new positions as soon as they are posted.

Select a Company and Position
Click opportunity above to find a position with one of our companies located all over the country. 

Apply and Complete Company Survey

After you decide to apply to a Company that is offering the type of position that you want, you will be asked some basic research questions on the company.


Online Training is Created by Experts
​Our online curriculum was developed with materials created by top experts in each specific field

Curriculum is Available Anytime 24/7
We have reviewed and organized the best training materials available on the web.  Whenever you want to, just click on the links and learn at your own pace.

Developed for Different Learning Styles

Everybody learns differently so we assembled training materials that utilize videos, articles, audio-recordings, e-books, games and the best of professional advice.


9+ Increasingly Challenging Assignments
Each assignment of resume quality work, gets a little more detailed, requiring more skill and an opportunity to prove your talent while helping a small business grow. 

All Assignments and Work is Completed Virtually (off-site)

Virtual assignments give both the Employer and Apprentice an opportunity to focus on the work itself, rather than the work environment.

All Work is Reviewed and Rated by Employers

In order to give Apprentices the most feedback possible, and ensure that the highest quality of work is submitted, every assignment is rated by Employers.

Receive a Full or Part Time Offer...or

Apprentice Force is committed to assisting every Apprentice to get an offer for paid employment.  Ultimately, the quality of your work will play a major factor in your opportunities.

Earn $20 to $150 an Assignment as a Contractor...or

When our employers are impressed by an Apprentice but don't have a position available right now, they will often work with us to negotiate deals with them as an Independent Contractor. 

Guaranteed Letter of Recommendation and up to a $100 Stipend

If once an Apprentice completes training and the qualifying step with quality work as rated by the employer, and no paid assignments are offered, we guarantee a letter of recommendation.  A stipend to cover expenses incurred during the qualifying stage is also paid.

Get Paid


Select a Company and position today

With Apprentice Force, you have a unique opportunity to start working immediately at a position with one of our companies located all over the country.​  Start Today!

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